dokkai 読解 どっかい

In translation from Japanese dokkai (読解, どっかい) stands for reading comprehension or to understand what one reads.

The first kanji in this term 読 is translated as to read and the second 解 may mean a whole array of words:

  • divide; split; separate
  • untie; loosen; relax; remove
  • make clear; explain
  • understand; comprehend
  • opinion; explanation; solution

Those studying Japanese language increase their skills by reading numerous field-specific booklets to improve their reading comprehension. After all, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) has a dedicated session just to dokkai.

There are plenty of such studying materials on the Internet shops, including Amazon and LPT N3 Nihongo Somtome Reading Dokkai Asuku (NIHONGO SO-MATOME (KANJI) (3)) is a good example of such a material.

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